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Responsive Website Design for Explosive Profits through Mobile Marketing

Responsive Website Deisgn

Maximizing your online success through responsive website design and customized Responsive WordPress themes for mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing, one of the hottest and most rapidly growing trends, is largely untapped for profitability. A very smart strategy is mobile website design that meets demands for explosive numbers of users who prefer to access the internet through their smart phones and tablets. Responsive website design meets that need without compromising the viewing experience for the desktop and laptop users.

Customized responsive WordPress website themes provide an optimum viewing and buying experience for everyone online through a single website development project. Responsive website design and development offers a solution that automatically adjusts the display of contents for every resolution and device. Responsive WordPress design from customized themes offers many advantages for making WordPress even more powerful and expanding its reach to more mobile customers. Powerful content elements integrated in well designed responsive themes may include or support easy insertion of multimedia, galleries, portfolios, testimonials and eCommerce. Some responsive WordPress eCommerce themes can seamlessly be integrated with a Facebook fan page. Other responsive WordPress themes can be customized for business branding, lead generation and affiliate marketing.

For any new website development, responsive WordPress website design makes very good sense…

Be sure to choose a web design and development company that is an expert in WordPress development and can guide you to select responsive WordPress website themes that will best match your business goals. Getting started in the right way will help you to effectively expand your reach through mobile marketing to an exploding group of prospects and customers who prefer to access the internet through their mobile devices. Maximize their browsing and shopping experience through responsive website design in WordPress and you will be well on your way to achieving record online growth!

Responsive Web Design FAQs

What are the advantages of responsive web design?

  • A responsive web design is indexed and is searchable by Google.
  • Since only one website is needed, it saves time and money on management and hosting costs.
  • A responsive design is mobile friendly. If the content and design is engaging and powerful, it will produce more lead and customer conversions and a higher ROI.

Do I need a website or a mobile app?

Mobile apps are not mobile websites and should not be used to replace a business website. Mobile Apps can provide significant revenues and ROI for local businesses who have properly developed apps with incentives for use and strategies for ongoing conversions. Unlike a website that is available for all users on the web from any browser, apps are only for mobile users and must be downloaded and installed. Unless they are hybrid apps, they require separate development for Apple, Android and Window devices.

Although mobile apps can be similar in design and functionality to a mobile website (which is not a responsive design), their real value comes from push notifications to an SMS text opt-in list. A mobile user must agree to receive text messages via push notifications. Text messages have an open rate greater than 98% open rate. This has tremendous implications for branding, revenue and ROI.

How does responsive web design work with WordPress?

One of the main CMS platforms for responsive web design is WordPress. Because of the trend in mobile marketing, many WordPress developers shifted to responsive design for their themes and plugins. There remains tremendous variation in the quality, ease of management, functionality, and display of contents for different themes. Even when the best themes are used, a great deal of customization by an expert web developer is needed to produce a high quality project.

Do I need a customized theme or custom development?

The answer will depend on your project, your goals and your budget. Customized WordPress themes are suitable for most business websites. WordPress is a blog that automatically pings search engines when new content is added. WordPress can be enhanced with plugins that support almost every need – eCommerce, testimonials, sliders, calendars, banner ads, interactive and opt-in forms, bulk email marketing, social media follow and sharing, and much more.

The quality of the project will be based on the theme used and the skills and creativity of the web developer. Unlike custom development that is expensive and time consuming, projects from customized themes can be developed in a much shorter time and at a significantly lower cost.

Custom plugins can also be incorporated in WordPress projects – plugins such as downloadable coupons, sophisticated event modules, rewards for social media sharing, and bulk SMS text messaging to name a few.

Our expert team is capable of producing advanced web design and development projects from customized WordPress themes and custom development. Our projects are designed to generate results and produce a substantial ROI for our clients.

Why should I work with WebPuzzleMaster?

We may not be the cheapest but we are a top rate web design and development company. Our clients and the results they get tell us so.

WebPuzzleMaster is an innovator, adapting to trends that are critical for local business success. We were one of the first web companies to develop responsive websites – even before Google penalized sites that were not mobile friendly. We were years ahead of other web design and development companies – most barely knew what responsive web design was all about. Over the past several years, we have refined our skills and knowledge, producing some of the best responsive web design projects.

But our website development is only one aspect of the comprehensive services we provide that results in extraordinary projects and results. We begin with a strategic marketing plan based on our client’s goals, needs and budget. We produce content – copy, artwork, designs and conversion strategies.

Our knowledge of WordPress is also top rate – we prefer this content management platform because of its robust performance in Google and versatility in offering the best functionality for the lowest costs. Visit our portfolio to view some of our responsive web design projects. Then request a free consultation and let us show you what we can do to take your business to the next level of profitability.

Ready to Grow Your Business through a Professional Responsive Web Design?

We are a full service web design, development, branding and marketing agency. Our skills, experience and strategies help our clients by targeting their ideal customers, and generating quality leads who convert into loyal customers for life. Through effective branding, marketing, and advertising that works best in today’s mobile, video and social online environment, we help local  businesses achieve market domination with sustainable growth. If you are looking for strategies that will put you in front of your competition, make you a leader in your market and maximize your ROI, contact us for a free consultation and proposal.

Request a Free Consultation

Whether you are a local business, entrepreneur, attorney, healthcare provider, or eCommerce merchant, we have digital marketing skills and strategies to help your business succeed. Ask us how we can help you through responsive website design and development, video, social media, and marketing services that engage, convert, and grow your brand and revenues. Our consultations are free and available through phone and screen sharing. Contact us now by clicking the button below.

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