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Get Your Share of the 5 BILLION Daily YouTube Video Views... Through strategic video production and marketing services, you can dominate your market as you inform, educate, promote products and service, establish your expertise, strengthen your brand, generate leads, and acquire loyal customers for life.

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Video Production Services for Success

Our local business video production services will get you started quickly in harnessing the power of online video. We create customized professional videos that advertise your business and convert traffic into quality leads and customers. But our professional video production doesn’t stop there. We use strategies and software to get your video to rank to the top of search results in YouTube and Google for keywords that your market is searching. Of course, the more video we can rank, the more opportunities you have to convert prospects into leads and customers.

Video Commercials

Custom and low cost high converting customized video engage your ideal target market, converting viewers into high quality leads and customers.

Measurable Results

We get your videos to the top of search results where they send targeted traffic to high converting landing pages that maximize your profits.

Strategic Planning

We help you increase your brand, profits and ROI through maximum video exposure that is affordable and works best for your local business.

YouTube Video marketing is One of Your Best Investments at the Lowest Cost

YouTube video marketing Company helps you access to over a billion users–almost a third of all people on the Internet. Every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos that can help you in these ways:

  • Builds a strong company brand.
  • Provides credibility and positions you as an expert.
  • Builds trusting relationships that grow customers for life.
  • Generates more revenue from new and repeat customers.
  • Introduces new products and services.
  • Provides powerful sales and marketing training tools.
  • Saves money on marketing, advertising and training.
  • Can be used to generate revenue from YouTube Video Promotion Service.

Video Marketing for Business Success

Imagine what it would do for your business growth to have multiple videos in top search positions for your local business. Video optimized with relevant keywords is the best way to achieve top ranking in YouTube and Google search results. More video views from YouTube and high converting video landing pages means more opportunities to convert prospects into leads and customers.

A professional branded YouTube Channel will go a long way toward putting yourself in front of your ideal customers.

Subscribers to your channel get immediate notifications about your new video where they can add comments and share your video. Your channel can be integrated into Facebook. Individual videos from you channel can also be added to your website, blog and social media sites where they can strengthen your brand and produce quality leads who become your customers.

Video Marketing Services for Results

Most video marketing companies will not do what we do to help your business grow. We provide video marketing and YouTube video promotion for business success. Here’s what you can expect from WebPuzzleMaster local video marketing services:

  • Top Video Rankings in Google and YouTube
  • Top Video Ranking for Multiple Keywords
  • High Conversions through Video Commercials
  • High Conversions through Video Landing Pages
  • Higher ROI through Video Ad Remarketing
  • Increased Video Exposure through Proven Marketing Strategies
  • Initial YouTube Channel Set Up
  • Optimizing YouTube Video including Video Edits and Annotations
  • Creating YouTube Playlists
  • Monetizing your YouTube Video
  • Marketing to Add Channel Subscribers and Comments

What We Do to Increase Engagement & Conversions

Our services will get you results whether you want one video ranked or see the value in ongoing video marketing for maximum business growth. This is where you can expect the greatest return on investment as you rapidly increase your channel subscribers, website traffic, brand, leads, and customers.

Top Ranking for Video in Google and YouTube

Our specialized training, research software and strategies allows us to create powerful video that rapidly rank in top positions within Google and YouTube search results. We focus on high performing keywords for local business that assures targeting to their ideal customers. When appropriate, we create variations of the same video for producing top positioning for multiple keywords. All of this means more traffic, clicks and conversions and a maximum return on investment.

High Video Conversions through Marketing & Advertising Strategies

We combine advanced expertise in video production with high converting landing pages and strategic marketing that gets you immediate traffic from top rankings in Google and YouTube. Your strategic plan can also include video commercials and powerful exposure for your video through advertising, social media, video sharing sites, email and sms marketing.

Initial YouTube Channel Set Up

We begin by helping you to select a YouTube channel name that will become your channel link. We then create and upload a cover image in the correct size and format so that it will display optimally in all devices where it may be viewed. We then add a keyword optimized description for the YouTube channel. We complete the set up by adding a powerful profile, social media and website and social media links. When we manage your Facebook page, we include the integration of your YouTube channel.

Optimizing YouTube Video

With management services, as video are produced and approved, we upload the video to the YouTube channel. We add relevant keywords that are being searched to the video title and description and add keyword tags.

Adding Video Effects and Annotations

YouTube gives us tools to edit video although these are crude and unpredictable. For that reason, we limit our editorial changes to adding annotations in the form of captions. We can also add links to other YouTube video in the channel.

Creating Playlists

When there are multiple video within a certain category, we create playlists for those video. We optimize the playlist with relevant keywords and add captions and interlink the video within the playlist using annotations.

Monetizing YouTube Video

When it is consistent with the project goals and objectives, we turn on monetizing options that allow various forms of ads to be associated with the video. When ads are viewed, YouTube pays the video owner for allowing the ad to display. The more a video is seen, the more revenue is generated.

Adding YouTube Channel Subscribers

We use a variety of strategies to attract the right market to your YouTube channel where they become your channel subscribers and add their comments. Comments are needed to create a viral response. When video is compelling and well optimized, your video will achieve top positions in Google search results. Besides more website traffic, you can expect to acquire more quality leads and customers from your video marketing dollars.

How We Differ From Other Video Marketing Companies

We not only create and rank video to top positions in Google and YouTube, unlike most video marketing companies, our services are designed to produce the rapid growth of your company at the greatest ROI. We use high converting video scripts, artwork, production, video landing page creation and video optimization with strategies that help you to rank very quickly. But there is so much more that we offer. Video is one of many strategies that we use to build your brand, reputation and help you to dominate your market with sustainable business growth.

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We are not at all like other video marketing companies. WebPuzzleMaster – YouTube video marketing company, is a full-service web design, development, branding, and marketing agency. Our skills, experience, and strategies help our clients by targeting their ideal customers and generating quality leads who convert into loyal customers for life. Through effective branding, marketing, and advertising that works best in today’s mobile, video and social online environment, we help local businesses achieve marketing domination with sustainable growth. If you are looking for strategies that will put you in front of your competition, make you a leader in your market and maximize your ROI. When it comes to video services, we are one of the top video marketing companies for local video marketing. Contact us for a local video marketing free consultation and proposal.

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