How Local Businesses Can Benefit From the Explosive Growth of SMS Text Marketing
The local business owner’s hidden powerhouse for reaching an exploding market on the go… SMS marketing keeps your business on your customer’s radar with discounts, coupons, special offers, and customer loyalty rewards in text messages with a greater than 98% open rate!

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Did you know that it’s much easier to profit from the customers you already have than finding new ones?

One of the most common problems that businesses face is customer retention. While many business owners focus on finding new customers, many forget the power of keeping the customers they already have. Just by building a good relationship with your current customers, it’s possible to become more profitable even without depending on new customer acquisition. It’s all about keeping your business on your customers’ radar to get recurring orders, sales and reviews.

So what’s one of the most efficient ways to keep in contact with your customers? The answer is using text marketing! Your customers carry their mobile phone with them everywhere they go. Sending SMS messages directly to your customers is a great way of keeping your business on their mind, wherever they happen to be.

Learn How to Achieve Record Growth through SMS Marketing for Local Business that is Designed to:

  • Easily Retain Customers
  • Boost Revenue and Profits
  • Save on Marketing Costs
  • Communicate Directly
  • Deliver Coupons
  • Increase Viral Sharing
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We value your privacy & would never spam you.

SMS Marketing that Can Double or Triple Revenues Fast!

What would it mean to your business growth if you could keep in touch with your customers? You could do that through discounts, coupons, special offers, and customer loyalty rewards in text messages that have a greater than 98% open rate. Our SMS marketing plugin lets you do just that with an easy mobile-friendly interface that you manage from the admin area of your website. This robust SMS marketing plugin offers these great features:
  • SMS opt-in subscriber form with terms and conditions.
  • Dynamic lists that you create and manage.
  • Send SMS to individual subscribers.
  • Search and find subscribers by phone number.
  • View character count as you type to adhere to required limits.
  • Send SMS immediately or schedule for a later time.
  • Attach coupons to SMS that can be presented on a phone or printed.
  • Include minified links that reduce the number of characters in your message.
  • Includes coupon generator for easily creating unlimited coupons.
  • Receive data with each campaign that shows the number sent.
  • Buy low cost SMS credits through your account.
  • View SMS account balance.

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