IFTTT for Effective Content Syndication and Powerful SEO Backlinks


Is Your Social Media, Video & Blog Content Effectively Reaching Your Ideal Customers?

Is it Automatically Syndicating to High Authority Sites and Creating SEO Backlinks that Boost Your Google Rankings?

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a low-cost automated content syndication and link building strategy – one that is poorly understood and underutilized by SEO companies. Once IFTTT is set up, every time you publish content from an IFTTT Applet that may include your blog, Instagram, Facebook and/or YouTube, it automatically posts that content to numerous high-authority sites where the Applet is connected. IFTTT includes the set up of accounts with the business’s profile information where all published content is syndicated. Each item of content also produces a unique SEO backlink that helps to boost the site’s ranking in Google. After a period of time with consistent publication of a few types of content, you can expect to generate 100’s to 1,000s of backlinks for free – all helping to boost your Google rankings without paying any costly monthly fees for link building to an SEO company.

Should You Be Using IFTTT to Grow Your Brand and Business?

The following Q&A will help you to understand IFTTT and determine if it is a good fit for your business.

Who will benefit from using IFTTT?

Businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations and professionals who generate blog, social media and/or video content can receive a great benefit from IFTTT. This is because of content distribution to high authority sites and automated link building without paying costly monthly SEO fees. .

Who should not use IFTTT?

If you’re not producing a significant and consistent amount of blog, social media and/or YouTube content, there is no advantage to using IFTTT. In those cases, traditional SEO link building will be required to boost a site’s ranking in Google and other search engines.

What are IFTTT Applets?

IFTTT applets are recipes that automate an action from a specific event – like publishing a video, Facebook, Instagram, or blog post. Once IFTTT is set up, when an event occurs in a particular channel, it automatically triggers an action on the other channel to which it is connected. This means the content gets posted to social media and other high authority sites valued by Google.

Through IFTTT, your content from instagram, Facebook, YouTube and your blog can automatically post to your own accounts in WordPress, Tumblr, Reddit, Diigo, Weebly, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest, bitly and Facebook – accounts that you own with your profile information and content that grows over time.

Are all IFTTT Applets the same?

There are Applets for major types of content such as WordPress blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and others. Each Applet has its own unique recipe. The recipe for instagram automatically syndicates each Instagram post to WordPress, Tumblr, Reddit, Diigo, Weebly, Twitter, Blogger, Bitly and Facebook.

With an IFTTT bundle that includes blog, video, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, content posted to the blog, YouTube and Instagram, will get syndicated and create backlinks to 24 high-authority sites. These are accounts that you currently own or are created for your business as part of the IFTTT setup. Most accounts include your unique profile information and syndicated content.

What factors influence success with IFTTT?

We have all visited a website or content at one time or another when we couldn’t leave the page fast enough. Content that is valuable to the intended market, informational, and not merely intended to promote a product or service is more likely to get and keep the interest of visitors. Content that is targeted, professional, engaging and optimized with relevant keywords is more likely to appear in search results where it can strengthen a company brand and produce sustainable growth.

Does IFTTT replace the need for SEO services?

IFTTT can be a great enhancement for SEO services that include keyword research, onsite SEO with optimization of content, geo-tagging, link silos, schema markup, sitemaps, analytics, and local directory listings. IFTTT can greatly reduce ongoing SEO management and link building costs provided there is ongoing generation of quality optimized content.

How can you get engagement of syndicated content with IFTTT?

It is highly recommended that all of your content publications include a powerful and relevant call to action. This might be to like your Facebook page, subscribe to your YouTube channel, make an appointment, or receive an incentive gift for subscribing to a list. Always include a link to your website where the visitor can learn more about your business.

How do I choose a good IFTTT company?

There is a vast difference in the quality of IFTTT services. Choose a digital marketing company with expertise in IFTTT for

  • Strategies that get results.
  • Account set up with your powerful profile included.
  • Access to all account login info with your recovery info.
  • One low price.
  • Set up includes testing.
  • Annual affordable account review options.

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