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Video Marketing for Local Business that Put You Ahead of Your Competition

YouTube Video Marketing for Profits

If you’re not satisfied with the results that you’re getting from your business marketing, perhaps it’s time to change what you’re doing.

If you want to capture a much larger market share, grow your brand and reputation, dominate your market and achieve sustainable business growth, read on to learn about powerful trends and opportunities to grow your business through video.

Perhaps you think that video is too expensive.

In reality it can be expensive if you are hiring a pricey video production company. A single video commercial can cost several thousand dollars. And that doesn’t include the marketing to get your video to the top of Google and YouTube search results.

But you don’t have to pay anywhere close to that. Here’s why…

Fact is that you can have quality video that drives business to your doors starting as little as $300. You can choose professional high converting low cost spokesperson, whiteboard or animated video commercials, all ready for your customized information that delivers a powerful message and gets your phone ringing right away.

Even custom video can be more affordable than you think. Without any camera crew, you can create your own spokesperson video while you read from a script in a teleprompter on your computer while you record through your webcam.

Your carefully crafted script is designed to get viewers to take action right away. Don’t worry about your video background. Through editing, it can be replaced with motion video and/or images. And if you don’t want to be the spokesperson for your video, a professional actor or actress can be hired at very reasonable costs.


You’ve probably noticed how many people are on their phones – glued to them and much of the time they are watching YouTube video. They search for information and when there’s YouTube video that comes up in their search results, that’s what gets their attention. Do you know that video is a trend that has grown from 1 million daily views in 2013 to almost 5 billion daily YouTube videos viewed in 2017? Can you really afford to miss this exploding marketing trend?

Here are a few good reasons to produce and market your video:

  1. Videos make you stand out from your competition and get the attention of your target audience.
  2. Videos increase your credibility and professionalism and brand you as an expert.
  3. Videos are the best way to quickly and effectively communicate an important message to your market.
  4. Professional quality video that are ranked in top positions increases your bottom line profits.
  5. When combined with high converting landing pages, quality videos are the fastest way to grow revenue and increase your ROI.

Fortunately, it’s not too late for you to use video marketing and get the same great results as your competitors who are using video to build and sustain their business growth.

Video is the easiest and most effective medium for lead conversions. Effective video for local business begins with SEO keyword research to determine the best search terms that will put your video on the 1st page of Google search results.

The next step is to craft an engaging script designed to rapidly convert your target market who are searching for your specific type of products and services in your local area. After your video is produced, the final step is to use video marketing to get your video ranked in not only Google and YouTube but in many other video sharing sites. You can rapidly boost leads and sales with a mobile friendly video landing pages designed for rapid conversions.

Can you really afford to ignore video in your marketing plan?

What is one new customer worth to you? How about their hundreds of friends, family and contacts in social media that they love to share information with? Are you blowing through an advertising budget without a return on investment because of weak and ineffective content? Maybe your landing page is not mobile friendly.

Cutting corners when it comes to your marketing is like throwing money away – it seldom produces a return on investment. An investment in video production and marketing that ranks your video on top of Google search results will pay for itself over and over.

Whether you are doing PPC advertising with video, building subscribers in a YouTube channel or just adding powerful video to your website, video production and marketing is one of your best and lowest cost marketing investments – a strategy that can put you way out in front of your competitors where you grow your brand, revenues and dominate your marketplace.

What to Expect from WebPuzzleMaster Video Production and Video Marketing Services

We specialize in helping local businesses to get found online through video production and marketing services. Our video marketing services combined with video production, video advertising and high converting video landing pages are designed for customer acquisition, customer retention, and market domination. We help you to achieve a substantial ROI with sustainable business growth. Your path to success begins with a free consultation. Click the button below and request yours now.

Request a Free Strategic Video Marketing Consultation

We not only create and rank video to top positions in Google and YouTube, unlike most video marketing companies, our services are designed to produce the rapid growth of your company at the greatest ROI. We use high converting video scripts, artwork, production, video landing page creation and video optimization with strategies that help you to rank very quickly. Our consultations are free and available through phone and screen sharing. Contact us now by clicking the button below.

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