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8 Steps for Better YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing for Profits

If you want to take your YouTube video marketing pieces past the competition and you really want to ramp up your view counts, listen up. The following eight steps are taken right from the experts and the techniques they use to garner far more attention for their brands, products and services.

Step 1: Plenty of Research

Before you can create compelling video marketing pieces, you must know what makes your audience tick. What are their ambitions, goals and common problems? This information will help you create videos that make a true impact with your prospects and customers.

Step 2: Keyword Research

Research is such an important aspect of video marketing that we’re going to mention it twice. You must learn the hot keywords your audience is using to solve their problems and reach their goals. You will use these keywords to optimize your videos once they’re published online.

Step 3: Script Writing

Your script should grab your audience very early on if you hope for your viewers to stick to the end. Your script should appeal to your prospects’ and customers’ emotions, wants and needs, it should include the benefits of using your product and service and lots of examples. Keep your videos on point, keep them short and, most of all, entertain your audience for best results.

Step 4: Video Creation

Whether you are going to film yourself talking to your audience, you’re going to film someone else or you are going to choose an animation type video, spend time making sure the video meshes with your script and are effective. Don’t worry if you add too much content during this stage. We will clean everything up in the editing stage.

Step 5: Video Editing

There are tons of free and low-cost video editing programs online that will allow someone with very limited experience and technical knowledge to create a compelling video marketing piece. This is one of the most important aspects of the game so make sure you get it right.

Step 6: Publish Your Videos

You should publish your videos to YouTube, Vimeo and any other video sharing sites you can think of. Make sure you optimize your sites for the Internet so that they go far and wide and get as many views as possible.

Step 7: Optimize Your Videos

Use your keywords in the title and the video description so that the search engines know exactly where to rank the videos you create. Make sure you also add tags on the individual video sharing platform so that they, too, know where to rank your videos for others to watch them.

Step 8: Share Your Videos

Once your videos are created and published, start sharing them with your email marketing audience, your social marketing audience and any other captive audience you might have. Your videos won’t be effective until they are viewed hundreds and thousands of times. So get the word out there anyway you can ensure your marketing success.

Put these eight tips into action and you’ll soon see just how lucrative video marketing can be.

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