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How to Make a Properly Optimized YouTube Video a Winning Business Strategy

Local Business Video Production

Video is a must if you want to be in front of your hottest market – people on their phones searching for all types of products and services in your geographic area. When the visitor’s search for a local business comes up, optimized YouTube videos are the ones that display on top of search results. Why is that? Because Google owns YouTube and that’s where they give their priority.

Video is also what gets the attention of searchers even when the video is further down on the page. That is because instead of boring text, a little thumbnail of the video appears along with the title and excerpt – this is eye catching and exactly what the searcher will click.

So ask yourself this…When a video about your type of products or services is optimized with the right keywords and comes up on page one of search results, do you want it to be you or your competitor who is getting the clicks and views?

Top Video Ranking Does Not Assure Engagement, Views, Sharing, Subscribers, and Website Traffic

More than just properly optimized YouTube video is the importance of having video that engages, holds the attention of the target market and converts them into leads and customers. This is where a professional quality video for your business becomes equally important. The more quality keyword optimized video of course, the better will be your results.

Here is the video on page one of YouTube one day after it was posted for the search term Florida destination weddings.

More About  Business Video Production

A professional quality video can include images, video clips, voice over, background music, intro and outro with an effective call to action. You would probably be surprised at how affordable quality video production and video marketing services can be.

Need Professional Video Production Services?  Need Video Ads? Ask how we can help…

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We not only create and rank video to top positions in Google and YouTube, unlike most video marketing companies, our services are designed to produce the rapid growth of your company at the greatest ROI. We use high converting video scripts, artwork, production, video landing page creation and video optimization with strategies that help you to rank very quickly. Our consultations are free and available through phone and screen sharing. Contact us now by clicking the button below.

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