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Instant Website Builders vs. Responsive Customized WordPress

Good Website Design is Good for Business Artwork

Choose the wrong web design and development and sabotage your results online…

Whether you’re in need of a new website or a re-design and development for an existing site, settling on a cheap and quick instant website builder solution can lock you in to some very undesirable features that greatly limit your online results.

Through proper development, responsive customized WordPress themes on the other hand, lets you to achieve your greatest online success. This article will help you to understand the differences and how to make the best choice for achieving an effective presence on the internet.

What every business owner needs to know about instant website builders…

We’ve all see the ads that show you beautiful websites that you can easily and instantly customize, get found and start making money. These inexpensive instant website builder solutions however have some limitations that can greatly compromise your business for these reasons:

  • Your website design, artwork and layout of content will be used by many other businesses in your same industry. Inserting your logo and changing a few colors, even with your content added, means that your site is likely to look like many of your competitors.
  • You have no rights to use the artwork in your design in other projects. This means an inability to have a consistent brand identity in your business card, social media sites, blog, brochures and any other sales and marketing products.
  • These instant solutions do not include a WordPress blog – one of the most powerful ways to get found through search engine marketing and drive traffic to your website. This means that you can expect to manage two separate websites instead of just one.
  • Unlike customized WordPress themes, there are no options to install powerful web conversion elements that provide compelling content without the need for excessive scrolling or sending the visitor off the page.
  • Unlike responsive website design that automatically adjusts the display of your site for mobile devices, instant website builders may not be easy to view in smart phones and tablets, limiting your access to a hot market that is exploding in growth.
  • Expect to get found instantly with an instant website builder and get ready for some real disappointment. You may be provided with options for additional marketing services that can be quite costly or ineffective. One of the biggest is likely to be PPC advertising – the only true search engine marketing method to allow you to get found in top results. Unfortunately it is highly competitive and quite costly and often associated with click fraud. PPC advertising should never take the place of organic SEO positioning which will produce the best results over time.
  • When you choose an instant website builder, your site is built and hosted on that company’s server. You can never move your site or add any functionality that isn’t included.

Developing your site from a customized Responsive WordPress theme solves these problems…

Customized WordPress themes provide the ultimate flexibility in design enhancements that will truly set you apart from your competition and greatly expand your marketing reach.

  • Customizations that include custom artwork can be part of your brand identity that is applied to all of your other sales and marketing products.
  • All WordPress websites include blog functionality. This means the maintenance of one website instead of two.
  • When it comes to SEO and SEM, properly optimized content in WordPress can rapidly become available in organic search listings because of integrated permalinks, powerful SEO plugins, and a built-in connection with Ping-O-Matic, a service that automatically updates different search engines whenever blog content is added.
  • Customized WordPress themes provide the ultimate flexibility in presentation of your content. Thousands of WordPress themes and plugins make the possibilities for creating a powerful presence on the Internet almost endless. Customized WordPress web conversion modules for video galleries, podcast galleries, portfolios, faqs, testimonials and call-to-action tabs provide the opportunity to make every page and post a powerful landing page for maximizing conversions.
  • Responsive WordPress themes serve as a superior mobile website design by automatically adjusting the display of contents for every device. This means a powerful viewing experience for an exploding market of mobile users who prefer to browse, shop, buy and share from their smart phones and tablets.

Instant website builders may seem like a smart way to achieve an online presence, but the consequences can be catastrophic for your success and profitability.

Choosing a web design and development company that are experts in responsive customized WordPress websites for business and eCommerce is your best web development and marketing strategy. Getting started in the right way will help you to build a solid foundation where branding, SEO, SEM,  blogging, video marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing will come together in one site to help you to achieve your greatest online success.

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