Overcome Google AdWords Mistakes Costing Attorneys Leads & Clients

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Perhaps you’re relying on Google AdWords for leads which is a good strategy if used properly and not your sole method of getting traffic to your site. If you want to get more leads from Google AdWords, pay much less per lead and convert more prospects into clients, you will want to avoid three mistakes that blow through an advertising budget and produce a dismal ROI.

Avoid these Three Biggest PPC Google AdWords Mistakes:

  1. Poor Quality Ads with Low Click-Through Rates
  2. Poor Campaign Setup: Keywords, Targeting, Timing, Testing
  3. No Landing Page or Poor Quality Landing Page

If you’re doing your own PPC or have hired an “expert” advertising company and haven’t gotten a return on your investment, most likely it is because of these mistakes:


Google AdWords limit the amount of characters that can be included in each line of the ad. This makes it particularly important to include clear and concise benefits as well as pertinent information. The ads must also include appropriate keywords that hook the visitor and prompt an action (to click the ad).


When Google AdWords and Facebook ads are set up properly, campaigns with ad groups are created around keywords. Similar ads within the same ad group allows for split testing to determine ad effectiveness based on click-through rate. Campaigns are targeted and matched to the demographics of the ideal visitor.


Many local business advertisers make the mistake of sending their Google AdWords traffic to a website where the visitor becomes confused and rapidly leaves the site. An effective landing page is one that takes the visitor to a mobile friendly page focused on their search with a single call to action or conversion goal.

What if you could make your Pay Per Click Advertising More Effective and Get Leads at a Much Lower Cost?

Remarketing is an inexpensive strategy that gives you multiple chances to reach people who showed an interest in your service. Remarketing is a low cost ad strategy that follows the visitor who clicked on your ad or a web page. Then the ad shows up for that visitor wherever they go. An attorney’s prospects think that the attorney’s ads are EVERYWHERE and they are! They appear wherever the prospect is browsing!

Before you hire a professional company to manage your Google AdWords, here’s what you should know.

PPC can work really well to generate leads and customers fast and at a very good ROI if your Google AdWords are set up and managed properly. Not all PPC companies will deliver good results for the money you spend. Here’s why. Ads that aren’t based on the right keywords will attract the wrong market – people who may click your ad but promptly leave the site when they discover that the content isn’t what they’re looking for. An ongoing commitment to split testing ads and landing pages is essential for measuring and improving results.

Most PPC companies are not strategists or web developers. They will send traffic from an ad to an existing page on your site. Sometimes that is your home page where the visitor has to hunt around to try to find content that matches the ad. Many times too, the landing page is not mobile friendly even though most searches and purchasing is done from a mobile device. Finally, most PPC advertisers are not responsible for landing page development.


Whether you are an attorney in your own practice or part of a large law firm, we have digital advertising skills and strategies for PPC and remarketing that get results. Ask us how our innovative strategies can generate high quality leads and produce sustainable business growth – all at a higher ROI and regardless of competition. Our consultations are free and available through phone and screen sharing. Contact us now by clicking the button below.

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