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Reaching and Converting your Market through Professional Web Design and Development

Web Design on Desk Artwork

We have all seen ads for instant websites where you pick a theme, add your logo, a little page content and you’re all set to get found and make money online – right? Nothing could be further from the truth. Creating an effective web presence is much more than a professional website theme and a few pages of content.

Matching your Purpose with your Web Design and Development

An effective web presence that is designed to attract targeted visitors, convert them into leads and customers and promote viral sharing is one part of a powerful marketing strategy. But just as one size generally does not fit all, the type of web design and development must be matched to your conversion goals and will be considerably different for projects designed and developed for eCommerce, company branding, lead generation, advertising revenue, affiliate marketing, directories or online memberships.

Reaching your Market Through Blogging and Social Media

Limiting your web presence to content available only on your website excludes a much larger market of social media users who could be joining your list, buying products and sharing your information from a Facebook fan page or website landing page. Savvy businesses owners and entrepreneurs will need to consider a powerful profile and presence in such social media sites as Facebook, Twittler, YouTube and Linkedin for BTB connections. Through a blog optimized with important keywords your market is searching, you can reach more people, providing them with teaser content that links to your website or landing pages where they can become your customers.

Mobile Marketing Website Conversions

There is also a huge largely untapped market of people who prefer to access the internet through mobile devices including their smart phones and tablets. A mobile friendly conversion of your site allows them to easily search and find your information, buy your products, bookmark and share. This trend is hot and without a lot of competition right now!

Email Marketing Conversion Strategies

An important part of your internet presence is the email marketing template that frames your eNewsletters and single message mailers. What many business owners do not realize is that the bulk of your profits is in your list as regular mailings and autoreponders drive serious prospects and customers deeper into your marketing funnel where conversions are more apt to occur.

Web Design and Development that Projects your Brand Identity

As you reach more of your market through web design and development for your website, blog, Facebook fan page, mobile marketing devices and email marketing, consider the importance of your brand identity. Is there a coordinated look and feel that is uniquely yours – something that includes your logo, colors, artwork and content that reflects your mission, purpose, market, credibility and integrity? Do you make it easy for visitors to find your social media presence and subscribe to your eNewsletter list? Only a professional web design and development company can meet this goal. If you think you can copy design elements of an instant website theme for use on sales pages, Facebook fan pages and a blog, you would be violating terms and conditions that prohibit your use of copyrighted artwork in other projects.

Website Design and Development for Conversions

An important part of effective website design and development is the positioning and formatting of elements and how they display on the screen. Obviously, this will be quite different based on the monitor resolution and device where your information is viewed. Generally speaking, important elements such as headlines, main video and subscription forms should be located toward the top and above the fold for websites, laptops and tablets. The design should be engaging, easy to follow with plenty of white space around images, text, video and forms. Website navigation and footer should be consistent on every page with web conversion design elements that limit scrolling without restricting important content. The content should be logically ordered and end with a powerful call-to-action that is clear, easy and compelling.

Trust your Internet Presence to a Professional Web Developer

Trusting your web presence to an amateur may save you money but will waste your time and produce frustration and disappointment as your site sits among millions of others in cyberspace that get no traffic or conversions. Before the age of the internet, it was impossible to make money without a tremendous investment in time and money but that is no longer true. A small investment in professional web design and development along with marketing strategies based on trends and proven practices, allows you to level the playing field and achieve your greatest success online.

Need Some Help with a Professional Web Design and Development from a Company You Can Trust?

Our web development, lead generation and sales conversion strategies are designed for customer acquisition, customer retention, and strengthening your brand and reputation. We help you to achieve a substantial ROI with sustainable business growth. Your path to success begins with a free consultation. Click the button below and request yours now.

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Whether you are a local business, entrepreneur, attorney, healthcare provider, or eCommerce merchant, we have digital marketing skills and strategies to help your business succeed. Ask us how we can help you through responsive website design and development, video, social media, and marketing services that engage, convert, and grow your brand and revenues. Our consultations are free and available through phone and screen sharing. Contact us now by clicking the button below.

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