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In this INFORMATION AGE where the internet is a superhighway, the ONLINE environment has become the main place where people go to research health problems and medical procedures and to choose a doctor. Unfortunately, too many doctors are being left behind because they are not meeting Google's algorithms. Many are at risk for steep fines due to lack of HIPPA compliance with reviews.

7 Important Factors for a Doctor's Success Online

  • A Mobile-Friendly High-Converting Website
  • Accurate information on 70+ local directories, map sites, social media sites, and apps used by 250 million users/daily.
  • Powerful Content Across the Web
  • Positive Reviews on Google, Yelp, HealthGrades, and Facebook
  • HIPPA Compliant Messaging Including Responses to Reviews
  • Engaging Your Marketing in Social Media
  • Top Search Engine Rankings
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Are You Blowing Through a Marketing Budget without Results?

Here's What Every Doctor Must Know:

  • 90% of all searches are done on Google, making Google ranking extremely important.
  • A good mobile-friendly website rich in compelling content is vital but is only one piece of what is needed online.
  • There need to be accurate, enhanced listings for the practice in each location and for each individual physician within a practice.
  • Google penalizes you for citation errors in name, address, phone number within 70+ local directories, map sites, social media sites, and local apps used by more than 250 million people daily.
  • Reviews in sites like Google, Yelp, HealthGrades, and Facebook are essential for the medical practice and for each individual physician.
  • Reviews that aren’t current have a low value to Google.
  • One negative review can cost a practice 30 patients and the patients they would recommend to their friends and family.
  • Reviews need responses that are HIPPA compliant. Google is looking for responses to validate authenticity and show that you care about your patients.
  • Video is the most important type of content with more than 5 billion views daily on YouTube. People much prefer to watch a video than to read.
  • SEO is extremely important for the practice site and will produce significant traffic if the site is ranked on page one of Google for the most important keywords.

Google's Ranking Factors and What They Mean to You

With 90% of searches coming from Google, including a preference for high authority local directory and social media sites,  it makes sense to pay attention to Google’s algorithms that include:

  • Mobile-Friendly Website – site visitors have an optimum viewing experience from every device including desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Relevance – a lot of relevant content tagged in a way search engines can read (Schema) everywhere across the web.
  • Distance – the relative distance of the searcher from the location of the business.
  • Prominence – mainly review and clear-data-signals (all data is accurate across the web on all sites, social networks, and directories)
  • Current reviews are given a higher search engine ranking
  • Responding to reviews is a measure of authenticity and used by Google for ranking.
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Who Needs Reviews?

Medical facilities and physicians practicing in those facilities all need reviews. Here’s why… 55% of patients search by practice name and 45% of patients will search by physician name. This means that medical facilities and all individual physicians within those facilities need a way of distributing their information online, keeping it accurate, including the management of reviews.

Some Important Statistics and Facts About Reviews

Findings of a study of 4,515 patients by SoftwareAdvise.com included:

  • 62% of patients use online reviews to evaluate physicians (the majority of patients)
  • 45% of patients consider the quality of care the most important information in making a decision.
  • Over 25% will go out-of-network for a doctor who has similar qualifications to an in-network doctor, but has more favorable reviews.
  • Yelp is the most important review site but Healthgrades is the most trusted when selecting a physician.

According to Convergys, a leader in the consumer care industry:

  • A single negative review can cost a doctor 30 customers – it will cost a doctor new patients and word of mouth patients that new potential patients would have brought.
  • 80% of consumers will change their mind about a brand after reading a single bad review.

VentureBeat, an American technology site reporting news, data, and analysis, reported that only 2% of consumers are likely to use a business with no reviews or ratings. They compare this to companies with positive reviews who convert 183% more new business than companies with negative or no reviews.

Review research by Forbes found that:

  • 90% of people use reviews as their first step before visiting a business.
  • 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.
  • 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.
  • Every one star increase in a Yelp rating means a 5 to 9% increase in revenue.

What Forbes Has to Say About Negative Reviews:

  • Bad reviews can be even worse for a business than no reviews. They can damage brand loyalty and quickly repel would-be customers and clients.
  • After reading a single negative review, 22% of consumers reported they will not buy from that business. That number increases to 59% after three and 70% after four or more negative reviews.

The Best Solution for Doctors Combines Directory Listings, Review Management, Social Media and SEO

What if you could have an automated real-time review monitoring system detecting reviews on all major local search and review sites? And this system would include a built-in review responding with automated HIPPA compliant responses via templates. An automated review builder is designed to help you to avoid negative reviews, share positive reviews, track patient feedback, and send initial and reminder emails to patients who do not respond to your survey. Positive reviews automatically get published in the sites that are most important to the practice while negative reviews funnel patient feedback back to you with an opportunity to follow up. Part of this extraordinary system is local listing management including enhanced directory listings with an ability to easily correct all inaccuracies, duplicates and missing listings on the most important local sites.

Also included for easy management and to boost your revenues through online marketing is:

  • Tracking social conversations across the web filtered through Geo-Fenced proximities, analyzing sentiment, highlighting issues to address, and providing 1 click access to participate in the conversation.
  • Providing an automatic benchmark for each location against your local competitors.
  • Tracking local rankings, organic web rankings, and measure conversions from each marketing initiative.
  • Affording page 1 rankings on Google Maps for important keywords.
  • Providing an easy method to geotag pictures, video, and captions from all major social and search directories and help more people in your local area to find your practice.

You also get advanced reporting and analysis with daily and live email alerts. A hallmark feature is integrated artificial intelligence through integrated PULSE technology. This reads, analyzes, and reports learnings about your locations and brand(s). This can identify key topics driving better patient experiences and predicting patient needs and wants to result in increased loyalty and greater revenues.

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Make Your Practice Google Ready to Achieve Top Performance and Results

Let us help you to achieve your greatest success online through a mobile-friendly high-converting website, accurate and powerful information on your website and in 70+ local sites, positive reviews in the sites that matter most, HIPPA compliant messaging in your responses to reviews, and top search engine rankings.

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