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Invest Now in Online Marketing for Local Business Success in 2017

Online Success for Local Businesses

As we come to the end of 2016, are you asking yourself what you can do right now to set yourself up for local business online success in 2017?

The end of the year is a good time to reflect on your goals, successes and where you didn’t quite hit the mark. Consider how you feel about your business growth, revenues, profits and ROI over the past year. Is your brand right out in front of your market who are choosing you over competitors? Would you like to work less, earn more and have much less stress so that you could take time to really enjoy your life?

If you’re not quite where you would like to be, you might be worrying about that heavy duty tax bill you’ll soon be paying to Uncle Sam. Perhaps you could benefit from a tax deduction in 2016 that would keep more money in your pocket. If you’re considering an investment in a new vehicle or office furniture, that would certainly make you feel good for a little while. It will do nothing however to generate a return on your investment.

If you continue to do exactly what you’ve done in 2016 to grow your business, where are you likely to be at this same time next year? In reality, it might be much further behind your competitors who are doing what you’re not doing to effectively reach their biggest market of mobile customers. You might consider what could happen to your business growth and your life if instead of a vehicle or furniture, you were to invest in some strategic marketing that will set you up for online success in 2017.

The best time to set yourself up for local business online success in 2017 is right now.

Instead of working harder and NOT getting ahead, invest in a STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN based on proven practices that allows you to effectively reach a hot mobile market on the go – over 70% of adult Americans who SEARCH, GET INFORMATION and make BUYING DECISIONS almost exclusively from their PHONE AND TABLET.

With a proper strategic plan, you can invest in the right marketing, advertising, news, content and promotional activities that will sustain your business growth and produce a significant ROI.

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