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Visitors searching for attorney keywords in your local area could be finding you on PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE in less than 2 weeks! What would that do for your bottom line?
According to YouTube statistics by Fortunelords.com as of January, 2017, almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. In an average month, 8 out of 10  18 to 49 year olds watch YouTube Video. This has grown from 1 billion unique users every month, or nearly one out of every two people on the Internet in 2013 (Reuters)



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Achieve a TOP OF MIND Presence with Video Marketing that Makes You the TOP Attorney of Choice

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Be #1 on GoogleCan you really afford to ignore video in your marketing plan?

What is one new client worth to you? Are you blowing through an advertising budget without a return on investment because of weak and ineffective content? Maybe your landing page is not mobile friendly. Cutting corners when it comes to your marketing is like throwing money away – it seldom produces a return on investment. An investment in video production and marketing that ranks your video on top of Google search results will pay for itself over and over. Fortunately, it’s not too late for you to use video marketing and get the same great results as your competitors who are using video to build and sustain their business growth.

Video ProductionDid you know that that video is the easiest and most effective marketing medium for lead & client conversions?

We use SEO keyword research to determine the best search terms that will put your video on the 1st page of Google search results. But we don’t stop there. We are skilled in crafting commercial scripts designed to rapidly engage and convert your target market who are searching for your specific type of legal services. After your video is produced, we use video marketing to get your video ranked in not only Google and YouTube but in many other video sharing sites. We assist you with a video advertising plan that may include video ads and landing pages designed for rapid conversions.

Using Video to Effectively Increase Your Brand, Repuation, Revenues, Leads and Clients

Here are Some important reasons why video can help you achieve sustainable growth in your law practice:
  • Claim your share of 5 billion daily views on YouTube alone.
  • Get your top ranking videos to stand out in Google search results.
  • Turn your marketing and advertising dollars into record profits with the highest ROI.
  • Build your brand with FAQ videos that answer your market’s questions.
  • Increase your positive reviews and leads through authentic testimonial videos.
  • Promote important services that set you apart from your competition.

Without video, it is next to impossible to connect with your hottest market. Essentially you are off their radar – out of sight and out of mind. Without video, you will fall behind your competitors who are using video to market themselves and their practice.

Video Production and Video Marketing FAQs

Is video important for my business?

You’ve probably noticed how many people are on their phones – glued to them and much of the time they are watching YouTube video. People prefer to watch a video over any other type of marketing, advertising, information, education and entertainment platform. More people make buying decisions after watching a video than through any other medium.

The explosive trend in video grows larger by the day. It has grown from 1 million daily views in 2013 to almost 5 billion daily YouTube videos viewed in 2017. Ignoring this trend will put you out of reach of your biggest and hottest market. Without video, expect to fall far behind your competitors who are using video to connect with their market, build their brand, enhance their reputation and achieve market domination.

What are the main benefits of video marketing?

  1. Videos make you stand out from your competition and get the attention of your target audience.
  2. Videos increase your credibility and professionalism and brand you as an expert.
  3. Videos are the best way to quickly and effectively communicate an important message to your market.
  4. Professional quality video that are ranked in top positions increases your bottom line profits.
  5. When combined with high converting landing pages, quality videos are the fastest way to grow revenue and increase your ROI.

How long should video be?

Video should be short, relevant to the keyword search and should get people to take immediate action. People have a short attention span when it comes to online content. You have only seconds to draw them in, keep them watching and getting them to take action. Videos should be 30 – 60 seconds in length. The right kinds of short videos that engage your market and keep their attention are critical for your success. You are an expert where it comes to the law but probably not an experienced marketer. Only a professional skilled in script writing and video services can produce video designed to get viewers to click through to a website or to place a call.

What type of video is effective?

Videos produced to match specific queries in keyword searches within a geographic area have the highest probability of producing a click or a call. That may mean an overview about what you do in your field of specialization and what sets you apart from competitors. One of the most powerful types of videos for lead and client conversions are testimonial videos where clients talk about their satisfaction and results from your services. Another high converting type of video are FAQs – common questions that clients ask related to specific types of legal services. Videos can be animated, whiteboard, spokesperson or a combination. They should also include an intro and an outro with an effective call to action.

Should I make more than one type of video?

There is good reason to create a variety of video types. Some people will respond better to a spokesperson where others are engaged more with whiteboard, animations or a combination. All video produced for your firm should represent you in a professional way. If you are building a professional brand and can present yourself well in front of a camera, use of spokesperson videos is recommended. These videos are well suited for brief overviews and for answering common questions. Other short video commercials that can be effective include animations and whiteboard animations. These are also well suited for FAQs and overviews, particularly when combined with law firm photos, animated logo reveal intros and branded outros with an effective call to action.

What if I am not good in front of a camera?

When producing a video, we know that every word is critical for timing and effectiveness. We use low cost teleprompter techniques that can be used in almost any interior environment with good lighting. You read from a script but deliver your message as if you are speaking face-to-face with a client.

We use specialized video editing techniques when needed to remove backgrounds and replace them with an impressive static image or video. In this way, you get high quality professional video for a fraction of what it would cost in a studio or with live footage shot by a professional camera crew. We also add background music and a compelling branded logo reveal intro and outro with call to action.

If you are not comfortable in front of a camera and do not have a suitable spokesperson, we can use professional actors and actresses to deliver your message. View some example attorney spokesperson videos below.

Do I have to write my own video scripts?

You are an expert in the legal services you provide. But it is highly unlikely that you are skilled in crafting marketing messages designed to rapidly engage and convert your target market. Your video script must be powerful in the fewest words possible. This is where a professional script and copy writer becomes critical – an investment that will pay off in significant conversions and return on investment. Professional video script writing is included with all WebPuzzleMaster video production services.

How much does video cost?

Maybe you’re thinking that video is too expensive. In reality it can be expensive if you are hiring a pricey video production company. A single video commercial can cost several thousand dollars. And that doesn’t include the marketing to get your video to the top of Google and YouTube search results.

But you don’t have to pay anywhere close to that. Here’s why…

Fact is that you can have quality video that drives business to your doors starting as little as $300. You can choose professional high converting low cost spokesperson, whiteboard or animated video commercials, all ready for your customized information, that delivers a powerful message and gets your phone ringing right away.

Even custom video can be more affordable than you think. Without any camera crew, you can create your own spokesperson video while you read from a script in a teleprompter on your computer while you record through your webcam. Your carefully crafted script is designed to get viewers to take action right away. Don’t worry about your video background. Through editing, it can be replaced with motion video and/or images. A lower third bar in your video displays a title and phone number. And if you don’t want to be the spokesperson for your video, a professional actor or actress can be hired at very reasonable costs.

How do i get my video on top of Google search results?

Now that YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube videos are much easier to rank in search results. Imagine the impact of your video in top ranked positions for local search results by your potential clients. But if searchers do not find your video, chances are they are finding your competitor and becoming their client.

But video alone doesn’t mean it will get seen. That’s where video marketing to rank your video comes in. Think about the impact of your video appearing on the top of search results – a video that provides the precise answers that a highly motivated prospect is looking for through a local keyword search related to your type of practice in your geographic area. Your video may be an overview, client testimonial or FAQ videos that answer commonly asked questions of attorneys in your area of practice. The goal is to get your video to rank in organic results right on the top of the 1st page. It appears with a little thumbnail that stands out and gets more clicks than any text ad or description.

What is YouTube marketing?

With 5 billion YouTube video views daily, having an effective YouTube presence is a strategy worth paying attention to. YouTube marketing begins with the setup of an effective YouTube channel with branded artwork, keyword optimized profile information and optimization of video with specific keywords that are being searched by your market in your geographic area.

Other aspects of YouTube marketing include:

  • Adding relevant keywords that are being searched to each video title and description as well as relevant keyword tags.
  • Adding annotations in the form of captions and/or links to other video or your website.
  • Creating playlists to categorize video according to practice areas when your firm provides multiple areas of specialization.
  • Adding subscribers to your channel who add their comments.

Can video improve my advertising results?

Good quality video that is well scripted and represents you in a professional way will greatly improve your advertising results. But it is only one of several factors that will determine what visitors do when they click on your ad. One factor of major importance is the quality of your video landing page where you send your prospect. Even if your landing page is mobile friendly (which is not an option), not all mobile friendly designs provide mobile users with an optimum viewing experience. If there is mounds of text without engaging headlines and collapsible content with strategic placement of a form, phone number and call to action prompts, results will be limited. Since approximately two thirds of all users are on their phones, paying attention to mobile is an absolute necessity.

Another important factor for your advertising results is the quality of your ads, use of split testing and how well your ads are targeted through demographics and your local marketing area. These factors allow you to get your ad in front of your ideal clients at the lowest cost. But not all advertising and marketing companies create high quality ad campaigns. Many are concerned with clicks rather than client conversions. And most are not equipped to design and develop high converting mobile friendly landing pages.

Why should I choose WebPuzzleMaster for video services?

We not only create and rank video to top positions in Google and YouTube, unlike most video marketing companies, our services are designed to produce the rapid growth of your law firm at the greatest ROI. We use high converting video scripts, artwork, production, video landing page creation and video optimization with software that guarantees you’ll come up in top positions within a week or two. But there is so much more that we offer. Video is one of many strategies that we use to build your brand, reputation and help you to dominate your market with sustainable business growth.

We’re Looking for a Few Good Attorneys in Your Specialty and Area

The last thing we want to do is to put attorneys in the same specialty and area in competition with each other. That’s why we will only work with one attorney for each area of specialization in each geographic region. We hope it will be you. We would like to help your law firm generate tons of leads who become your clients and promote your law services all over the web with our unique video marketing services!

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step and Dominate Your Market?

Where are the people searching for your law practice going? Whose video are they finding to answer their legal questions and to choose an attorney? Probably they are going to your competitors who have video that conveys trust and credibility, answers their questions and makes it easy to take action. Those attorneys are building a following of quality prospects and loyal clients who are eager to share information with contacts, friends and family. But you too can use video marketing services to get the same great results. Click the button below, complete our form (above) and request a free consultation.