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Some of the reasons customers choose us:

  • Data driven strategies based on analytics, AI and proven marketing practices.
  • Customized solutions to meet specific needs, goals and budgets.
  • Innovative software developed to boost profits and enhance the user experience.
  • Experienced staff with over 25 years of strategy, design, web development, programming, marketing, and content development experience.

Featured Services

Digital branding and marketing strategies that help our customers succeed.

Strategic Marketing Planning

Strategic marketing planning defines the right activities for branding, lead generation, sales, list building, reviews, and sustainable business growth.

Branding, Logo & Graphic Design

We build brands that engage, connect, excite, set you apart from competitors, and convert into leads and customers with sustainable profitability.

Web Design & Development

Our mobile friendly website design and development targets, engages, and provides an emotionally compelling, high converting user experience.

Reputation Management

Learn how to make customer reviews your most profitable marketing channel with an automated reputation management system. Get a free review scan and report.

SEO, SEM, PPC Advertising

We use search marketing techniques via PPC, local SEO, IFTTT, schema markup, geo tagging and more to drive targeted website traffic to your site.

Video Production & Ranking

Our revolutionary video production and marketing techniques will rank your video for important keywords on top of Google and YouTube search results.

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Why you should choose Webpuzzlemaster Digital Marketing Agency

Our one-stop approach is designed to target, engage, and leave your ideal customer with an overwhelming feeling that you are their best choice. We also help you become more efficient and effective in obtaining customer reviews, marketing and lead automation, and customer follow-up for satisfaction, retention, and referrals.

Strategic Marketing Plan for Sustainable Business Growth

Business Branding

A comprehensive business branding solution considers your company’s vision, mission, nature of product/services, credibility, existing online presence, messaging, graphics, and unique selling position (USP). Branding requires a strategic plan to help your business establish itself as a formidable brand with your ideal market. Creative digital marketing based on the right plan, transforms your message and goals into powerful digital content that boosts your brand, leads, and revenues. A strong business brand gives you an edge in your market at a sizable return on investment. It is essential for sustaining business growth.

Responsive Web Design

Every local business that wants to achieve a dominant presence in their market must have a quality mobile friendly website. If your design passes the mobile-friendly Google test, it still may not provide a good mobile user experience where there is an optimum display for tablet, and smartphone users. Not all responsive web design is the same quality. Often there are issues with space around content elements, layout, and font styles. This can turn off the user in their subconscious mind where they are most likely to make rapid decisions to stay or leave.

Besides the design, your mobile friendly site must contain powerful content that is created, formatted and optimized to engage targeted traffic and convert them into leads and customers.

SEM vs. Advertising

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the most powerful way of reaching a targeted and motivated buyer. SEM includes PPC advertising and organic search results from search engine optimization or SEO.

Local SEO for Maximizing Quality Leads and Customers

Local SEO can be particularly beneficial for businesses providing services to a local market. This occurs for those who achieve a high ranking in organic search results for the right keywords.

Besides Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines, millions of local customers are searching for products and services daily on Facebook, Yelp, local directories, Siri (for Apple users), and local mobile apps. Map listings are one of the most important places to be found. Besides top placement on page 1 of search results for multiple highly relevant keywords for your local business and location, Google map listings also include ratings and reviews which when positive, will greatly increase clicks and conversions. Google maps can also help you to rank higher in organic searches.

Search marketing services like PPC advertising with remarketing, Google My Business (GMB), and Local SEO or search engine optimization are very productive for local businesses that want an edge in their market at a sizable return on their investment.

Advertising for Lead and Customer Acquisition

Unlike search marketing designed to convert a qualified and motivated buyer, advertising is an interruption method that produces less qualified and more impulsive leads and customers. TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards and banner ads are all examples of interruption forms of advertising.

There are many offline advertising methods to increase leads and customers but most are expensive with a poor ROI. Ads, targeted publications, press releases, TV, radio and billboards can be effective in increasing a businesses brand and driving traffic to a website.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the hottest and most effective platform for local business to grow their brand, engage their market and generate high quality leads and loyal customers. Social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business (GMB), Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn provide powerful access to many more local leads and customers. They also provide access to referral partners – allied professionals and businesses that serve the same local market. These types of professional networking relationships are extremely valuable in producing market dominance for a local business.

Social media marketing can be a daunting task if you are trying to keep up in all the right places with the right content and engage your market. That’s where social media marketing professional services can help you to effectively reach your hottest market of social media users while you concentrate on what you do best – growing your company through the products and services you provide.

Video Production & Marketing

The trend for video has grown from 1 million daily views in 2013 to almost 5 billion daily YouTube videos in 2017 and 1 billion hours of video or more daily today. Savvy businesses are capitalizing on this explosive trend, using video services to strengthen their brand, connect with their target market, and grow revenues through marketing and sales promotions.

Strategic video marketing can produce top rankings for videos in both Google and YouTube search results. Even when the video is further down on the page, video in Google is what gets the attention of searchers. Instead of boring text, the visitor is engaged with an eye-catching thumbnail of the video that appears along with the title and excerpt – this is exactly what the searcher will click.

High ranking video may produce more clicks from Google and YouTube but if the video doesn’t engage the visitor and hold their attention, then the click is not productive. The quality, type, and length of video are important determinants of beneficial conversions. This is where professional quality video production becomes important. Most common business video views are explainer videos (73%), social media videos (67%), presentation videos (51%), sales videos (41%), and video ads (41%).

Besides ranking quality targeted video in top YouTube and Google positions, the goal of a business video strategy is to achieve meaningful conversions that produce engagement and build connections with the ideal target market. These include conversions that increase views, sharing, YouTube subscribers, and enhance branding, lead generation, and sales.

Strategic Follow-Up

A strategic follow up plan for online and offline lead generation and repeat business is critical for success. Many business owners and professionals lose sight of the fact that it is much easier to sell to an existing client or customer than to sell to a new one. And yet, how many of your satisfied customers have limited knowledge of what you do or are under using your services? Your customers are not likely the main traffic on your website unless you are giving them an incentive to visit through blogging, newsletters, and special offers.

Email Campaigns, Automations, & Newsletters

Customer follow-up through email marketing can be particularly effective in building a list of prospects, staying in touch and rewarding existing customers. Strategies for list building with newsletters and autoresponders for targeted lists can pay for itself many times over. Email reminders do much more than clog up an inbox. They can be highly effective in strengthening your brand. When you mail to an opt-in or customer list, these are hot leads and loyal customers who know your name, trust you and are interested in what you have to say.

SMS Coupons, Promotions, & Customer Loyalty Rewards

Sending coupons, discounts, special offers, white papers, and customer loyalty rewards via bulk SMS text marketing can also be a particularly effective method of staying on your customer’s radar and acquiring repeat business. Almost everyone owns a smartphone and 98% of text messages are opened, most within a short period of time.

Automated Phone Messaging

When your lead generation and sales are through live events or direct mail, building a phone database of customers with use of automated phone messages can be an effective strategy.

PPC and Ad Remarketing

Pay per click with ad remarketing is the fastest way to generate high quality leads that turn into customers. Unlike traditional forms of interruption advertising where you pay regardless of how the ad performs, PPC or pay per click is based on click performance. You only pay when there is a click-through from the ad to your landing page.

Google AdWords, YouTube advertising, and Facebook provide good advertising opportunities for local businesses and entrepreneurs. Ad remarketing is a low cost strategy that gets the same ad to be shown in high traffic popular sites to someone who originally clicked on the main ad.

Many businesses try to cut corners and handle PPC advertising on their own. Unfortunately, they often make serious mistakes with their ads, campaign set up and landing pages that lead to dismal results with an extremely poor ROI. Working with a company who has expertise in Google AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, and remarketing programs can be an extremely valuable use of advertising dollars.

Press Releases & the Media

Getting your company and information in front of the media in a timely and positive way is one of the best strategies for generating quality free leads and customers. When you attract the attention of the media because of something that is newsworthy and trending, you may very well hit a home run. You will achieve instant credibility if the media has taken their time and resources to do a story about you or to promote your products or services. This is generally because you have done something that your competitors have not done – something that sets you apart as you solve a big problem for a large number of people or businesses.

The media may put the spotlight on you for your contribution at a major community event. Participating in fundraising events and volunteering for a good cause will help build your brand and get you noticed for your community support.

Live & Webinar Events

Webinar events have proven to be the most cost effective and profitable venture for entrepreneurs online. Since the pandemic, almost everyone has acquired a comfort level with Zoom for online meetings and other events. The key to successful webinars is having a strategic plan and crafting the program in advance for building prelaunch excitement and motivation for taking action at the time of launch.

Using a direct mail approach to fill rooms with targeted prospects in your local area, can be an effective strategy for increasing your brand and reputation as well as acquiring new leads and customers. People will gladly show up for a program of interest with the proper incentives and when they feel that it will be a good use of their time. The promotional piece must be professional and compelling, establishing that the speaker is well qualified and will help them solve an important problem that they care about.

Other effective strategies for live local events is to include allied businesses as presenters. Each company represented would provide a non-competing service that is closely related and of interest to the targeted audience. Using synergy through strategic offers for each represented company can be highly productive and profitable.

Reputation Management

One of the best ways to convert leads into loyal customers is to provide an excellent product or service that is needed and wanted by your market. Asking customers for feedback in surveys can help you to better understand their needs and how they feel about what you do. Remember that it is far easier and less costly to grow your company through satisfied existing customers who buy from you again and again than to rely on converting new prospects into customers.

Positive reviews are an important part of lead generation. They are a powerful local business online marketing strategy. People are much more likely to select a business on Google, Facebook or Yelp when it is associated with positive ratings and reviews.

When you provide exceptional services, don’t expect your customers to seek you out on Google, Facebook or Yelp to leave a review. If you don’t ask for reviews, the only ones you are likely to get are the negative comments and star ratings that can be very damaging.

Before requesting reviews, you must first have a strategy to solicit reviews on sites where you want them. Google, Facebook and Yelp are the most important for local businesses. Always make it easy for customers to find your page and add their review. Giving customers a link that takes them to the exact place where the rating and review is added, will help you to earn this valuable online feedback. Providing an unsolicited reward is something you may consider for their valuable contribution.

Webpuzzlemaster Gallery Image

Our proprietary Ultimate WP Multimedia Gallery is designed to boost business profits, social sharing, SEO backlinks, YouTube subscriptions, sales, and appointment setting.

eZ SMS Blaster with Coupon Generator on Laptop

Our SMS WordPress plugin helps businesses to retain and acquire customers, and automate the strategic sending of discounts, coupons, special offers, and more.

Local Google Search

Discover how to dominate your market regardless of competition. Rank your site for important keywords on top of Google and YouTube for explosive profits without risk.

Jaimie Myers Testimonial
Jaimie Myers
D.C. Kerckhoff Company, Office Manager

Ruth and her team at Webpuzzlemaster made us a spectacular website at DC Kerckhoff Company. The representation of our product on our new website has exceeded our imaginations. Thank you so much Ruth!

avatar man
Jeff Bruce
Communications Chair, Former Naples Daily News Editor

Webpuzzlemaster designed and manages our website. The company has created a stunning platform that is continually updated and is very responsive to changes we wish to make. Couldn’t be happier.

David Windham Testimonial
David Windham
360 Medical Billing Solutions, VP

Working with Webpuzzlemaster has been an overall very fulfilling experience. The team is always there to provide answers, and support whenever needed.

Julie Earnest, Life and Success Coach
Julie Earnest
Life and Success Coach

Ruth established an immediate connection with me, and took the time to understand the purpose of my business… My website is exactly what I envisioned, and so much more… More >>

Norell Albanis, P.A.
Estate Planning Attorney, Naples, FL

Prior to working with Webpuzzlemaster, my website was poorly organized, overly wordy, and not optimized for search engine results. Webpuzzlemaster created a beautiful website that functions well on all devices and communicates seamlessly with my CMR system… More >>

Seth Schiller, President, Design Naples
Seth Schillar
President, Design Naples, Inc.

I highly recommend Ruth Kuttler and her company WebPuzzleMaster. Ruth has a command of web development and marketing, Besides innovation, she is a brilliant strategist and writer. She knows how to build mobile friendly sites that are beautiful, easy to navigate and get results… More >>

Jeffrey Stevens, Sports Market Builders
Jeffrey Stevens
Sports Market Builders, President

Having decades of experience with successful fundraising for schools and nonprofits, I was immediately impressed with Ruth Kuttler’s knowledge, skills and visionary thinking. She readily understood my mission and purpose and knew exactly what was needed to develop my project… More >>

Cynthia Crytzer
Cynthia Crytzer
Former Title Company Owner

I have known and worked with Ruth Kuttler for 20 years and have found her dedication to her craft and clients exceptional. The user friendly websites she builds are truly works of art – merging beautiful art and eye-catching graphics with powerful content. Ruth’s attention to detail is second to none… More >>

John O'Brien
Boston General Contractor

Ruth transformed my average looking web site into a “modern web site Picasso!” I receive compliments from almost everyone who visits my site exclaiming how informative it is and the lay out is so easy to navigate. The extra mile that Ruth will go to understand your business … More >>

Neil Koch
Neil Koch
Envy Hair Salon Co-Owner

When it came time to redevelop my business website, I knew I needed to find a company that would make it easy and do a great job fast. When I choose Ruth Kuttler and her company Webpuzzlemaster, I knew I had made the right choice. Her planning alone helped me to get clear on profit centers… More >>

Jennifer Castriotta, Realtor, Leasing Agent
Jennifer Castriotta
Realtor, Leasing Agent

As the property manager and listing agent for a commercial building, I was so impressed with the website and marketing for the property that was done by Ruth Kuttler and her company Webpuzzlemaster… The design is beautiful, mobile friendly and so well organized… And after only a month or two, the site was ranking for many important keywords in Google …  More >>

Suzanne Totterdale, Wedding Officiant and Planner
Suzanne Totterdale
Wedding Officiant and Planner

I have worked with Ruth for over 15 years she is the best. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take care of my website. She is devoted to detail and really cares about her clients. I can honestly say she has never let me down and I have a beautiful website that has gotten me lots of business over the years.

Jodi Olszewski, Envy Hair Salon Owner
Jodi Olszewski
Envy Hair Salon Owner

Ruth has done a tremendous job helping us grow our business! She is extremely knowledgeable and efficient! Her strategies are mind blowing! Even without any marketing, we book appointments from our website every day.

“…I will continue to use services from Webpuzzlemaster. Any business looking to establish, or redefine, their online presence will be well served by Ruth’s talents, professionalism, and attention to detail…”

“Ruth established an immediate connection with me, and took the time to understand the purpose of my business. She guided me through the writing process, and stepped in to help and explain things when I felt overwhelmed.”

… Ruth does what it takes to exceed her customer’s expectations…

“…Ruth is genuinely interested in her customer’s success. I will continue to use the services that Ruth and her company, WebPuzzleMaster, offer for my online presence…”

“… My website is exactly what I envisioned, and so much more. No detail is too small, and Ruth does what it takes to exceed her customer’s expectations…”

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Our portfolio of website design and development, branding, graphic design, internet marketing, and video projects spans decades where continual innovation was made to follow important trends and proven practices.


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